There’s nothing quite like owning a unique piece that matches your personality and style. When you come to Woods Jewelry Company in Layton, UT, you can create a custom piece that’s perfect for you! We provide the highest quality stones and setting, our Master Jewelers will assist you in providing the right diamond.


At Woods Jewelry Company,
We Take Extreme Pride In Our Ability To Refurbish And Repair Your Precious Keepsake Jewelry. We Will Restore Your Broken Or Damaged Jewelry To As Close As It’s Original Condition Will Allow. Like Always, With On-Site Jewelry Repairs, Your Jewelry Will Stay On Woods Jewelry Company Premise And Will Be Worked On Only By Woods Jewelry Company Master Jewelers.

We Understand That A Piece Of Jewelry Can Have Sentimental Value. That’s Why We Offer Our Expert Jewelry Refurbishing So You Can Wear Your Favorite Piece For Generations To Come. Repairs Include:

  • Setting Stones
  • Rhodium Flashing
  • Re-Sizing Jewelry
  • Repairing Shanks
  • Re-Tipping &Prong Work
  • Replacing Missing Stones
  • Clean Polish
  • Complete Refurbishing

Nothing is too small or too large of a project for us to do. Our experts will work with your budget. Call or Visit Us today! 801-593-9400